In October we decided to take a short weekend city break to Amsterdam, and I simply could’nt recommend it highly enough! A beautiful, vibrant, picturesque and historic city with loads to do, so much so that we extended our flights home because we were having so much fun!

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We stayed at the Ibis right smack in the centre of Amsterdam, which is quite literally on top of Amsterdam Central Station (Centraal Station)!! The location was perfect while the rooms were basic and a bit small but you tend to spend very little time in them with these types of trips.

The first thing which struck me was the amount of bicycles! Right outside our hotel there was a rental area where thousands upon thousands of bicycles were parked up.  Of all the goings on in the Dam, our favourite times were spend just cycling around the city and taking in the sights and just getting lost. If any of ye happened to catch me on my Snapchat (lauradfitness) we had a ball. We rented our red Mac Bikes which are located in the train station and very reasonably priced and off we went using our phones to guide us.

I do try and eat healthy while I’m on holidays and every day we went for breakfast (well lunch by the time we got there) at Bakers & Roasters which were out of this world.

For nightlife we went to a great karaoke bar called Bulldogs where once again my Bohemian Rhapsody stole the show for all the wrong reasons! I can’t sing but I can draw a crowd!

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