Throughout my life, I’ve gone through the many highs and lows of trying to stay in shape. From one extreme to another, I’ve been too skinny and too big but learned along the way that numbers on a scale aren’t a true reflection of fitness or health.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else….. it’s about being better than you used to be! I love the person I’ve become because I fought to make her dreams a reality. It took an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.

Laura Dorgan Fitness was too thin and overweightThere’s been a stone or 6.5kgs difference in my body weight over the last couple of years but like I said, numbers on a scale aren’t a true reflection of fitness or health and as you can see from the photos I’ve posted I’ve carried too much weight for my frame but in this case I went the opposite way & lost way too much weight. Although my dress size stayed relatively the same I didn’t look healthy but I look completely different now!

From these experiences I’ve learned what will work for various body types and thus I can help different people achieve realistic goals.

Laura Dorgan Fitness strength thin overweight HITT training

The picture on the left is the result of strength training, HITT (High-intensity interval training) and regular meals. The picture on the right result of cardio machines, afraid to lift weights and under eating to lose weight.

The main hurdle I overcame before making these changes was stepping away from the “hours without eating & hours of cardio will make me skinny” mentality. Wrong!! In fact it’s quite the opposite. Change is what can be the scary thing, stepping away from what you know, but sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing will be the making of you.

Laura Dorgan Fitness was too thin and overweight

Left – constant cardio & under eating.

Middle – Overtraining; my body needed a constant food supply to get through the demands I was putting it through.

Right – Understanding the importance of a healthy balance when it comes to food and exercise.

Learning from those experiences, especially the first two stages and the knowledge I gained over the past 14 years, I’ve learned how the body works in so many different ways 🤗The mind plays a huge part when it comes to food and exercise.

Love the exercise you choose to do!

Whether it’s jogging, tennis, rugby etc….. stick to what you’re interested in, not what society and social media tell you to look and be like. As I always say, work hard play hard, life doesn’t need this constant pressure, just do what you can do. Every – BODY is different. Be original, not a copy. Just Be You!

“I truly believe that a balanced lifestyle is the key to a healthier body as well as a healthier mind and if you follow me on social media you will see I work hard during the week and allow myself to unwind at weekends. My experience has helped me understand the many different body shapes and sizes allowing me to provide training programmes to suit everyone’s own individual goals.”

Laura Dorgan Fitness from one extreme to another. From too skinny and too big,

My before picture on the left; I wasn’t heavy but I never watched my food. I thought at the end of everyday “today was a tough day”, or “I did a great job today” and would stop in the shop on the way home or reach for the sweets cupboard because, “I deserved it”. I never use to do any strength training or any sort of weight training, in fact, I just spent 1-2hours a day on the cardio equipment in the gym like cross-trainer, treadmill etc., thinking I was doing wonders. As years went on and I gained more experience and it wasn’t long before I changed my ways. My picture on the right I weigh exactly the same except I lost body fat and gained muscle.

How did I do that? Simple.

I cleaned up my diet and stopped reaching for treats when I thought “I deserved it” after a hard or successful day. I was completely comfort eating no matter what the emotion. I also cut back the endless boring cardio machines and started mixing up my workouts with strength sessions. It’s a lifestyle choice.