Laura in Irish Examiners Feel Good Supplement


The Irish Examiner contacted me before Christmas about giving some tips for people to stay relatively fit over Christmas without hitting the gym. 

It was for the papers Feel Good section which appears every Friday and I was only happy to lend some advice. I had appeared in the Feel Good section many years ago when I was starting out and would you believe the same photographer and videographer who I had worked with back then, Dan Linehan was actually on hand this day as well!

So myself and Dan met up with journalist Roisin Burke and discussed Roisin’s terrible diet! She was after having 10 chicken nuggets for breakfast – I couldn’t believe it! 

We had a great laugh though and as Roisin says in the article she arrived hungover and hungry but after awhile we got down to the knitty gritty and Roisin is going to give my Laura Dorgan Fitness App a go in the New Year and just in time for my new nutrition feature!!!


Irish Examiner feature article of Laura Dorgan Fitness titled "Lean in for peak fitness" at Fitnessworx Gym in the Tramore Road with Roisin Burke
Irish Examiner article “Lean in for peak fitness” ,featuring Laura Dorgan at Fitnessworx Gym in the Tramore Road, Cork City with Roisin Burke